Your Mindset Is Your Most Valuable Asset

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Wendy Thomas Coaching

With over 18 years of corporate experience and leadership roles at Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and FactSet, I know what it takes to stand out and move ahead in the corporate world. I also understand that being a leader includes developing the next generation of leaders who are trying to navigate the corporate ladder.

Having run sales teams, I've seen growth increase dramatically when the members of that team felt a sense of confidence and purpose in their roles -- when they were personally invested in the mission of the business and knew that they were key drivers of impact beyond the numbers. 

“Old ways won’t open new doors.”
— Unknown

The details

What it is

Wendy Thomas Coaching

Thinking into Results is a powerful coaching program based on over 50 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievement and what makes successful people successful. Developed by world-renowned success expert Bob Proctor, it is a powerful process to transform big goals into reality.

This business leadership and development program enables individuals to learn different approaches to navigating the challenges of growing a business, leading a team or meeting ever-increasing expectations in a particular role. This program builds the foundation for a success mindset to be a part of each individual team members’ thought process and daily actions. It will improve an individual’s ability to perform in their existing roles and enable high performers to become better prepared for increased leadership responsibility.

This 12-lesson program is a highly engaging program that teaches people how to analyze their thinking and re-adjust where thought patterns result in sub-optimal outcomes. The program is group-based and tailored so that employees balancing corporate and personal time constraints are able to participate regardless of location.


The Results

What to expect

Wendy Thomas Coaching

Throughout the course, individuals take a look at their responses to challenges and daily habitual actions to see where adjustments can be made to be more productive resulting in increased efficiency. 

The program will lead to:

  • An individual that can operate at a higher level of effectiveness and awareness

  • A positive mindset geared toward overcoming challenges, leadership and problem solving 

  • A leader who can foster increased cooperation among team members and a positive working environment

  • A culture that promotes employee growth in a positive and supportive environment

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