A Transformative Journey

The power of adversity.


Two days before my 40th Birthday my life changed forever. Rattled, terrified and completely overwhelmed, I had no idea that this moment would lead to a complete life transformation. One year later, 3 surgeries down and being on the other side of a cancer diagnosis, I am determined to help other people realize their goals.

I am Wendy Thomas. My enthusiasm and passion for life is infectious and connecting with people is what motivates me. The first thing people will comment on is my accent, which is unconventional to say the least. I grew up in South Africa, attended Duke University in North Carolina, lived in NYC for 11 years, and Toronto, Canada has been my home for the past 8 years. I am a proud mom, wife and until recently Canadian leader of a US based firm. I have run on the corporate treadmill for 18 years and have embraced the highs and lows of every sprint or hill that I have climbed.

Wendy Thomas Coaching
Wendy Thomas Coaching
Wendy Thomas Coaching
Wendy Thomas Coaching

My tracks were stopped abruptly when I quickly realised that I wasn’t invincible. Life suddenly seemed too short to not follow my entrepreneurial dream of helping others realize their dreams.

Following the guidance of a deep intuition from my life mentor and late Father, I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the eve of a milestone Birthday. Not knowing if the cancer had spread through my body was utterly terrifying and I relied on my positive mindset to carry me through each agonizing doctor appointment. Receiving the gift of early diagnosis put me ahead of a giant monster and afforded me the opportunity to take proactive measures physically and mentally.

And I knew that showing vulnerability and telling my own story would make the road easier for many other women.

At an intersection of personal and professional highs and lows, I started to re-evaluate my life and understand what it was that brought me fulfillment and success in the corporate world over the past 18 years. I recognized that it was my passion for connecting with people from a place of positive energy that forged me so many integral relationships and the ability to successfully navigate the corporate world. 

Wendy Thomas Coaching

Having the right mindset to focus on the positive when there was so much negative and fear was essential during this challenging time.

My natural positivity and fascination with the power of the mind guided me to a 50 year veteran in the mindset coaching and development space, Bob Proctor. His Thinking Into Results program provided me with the inspiration to step out of a successful 18 year corporate career and follow a long-time entrepreneurial dream to facilitate my own coaching program.

Passionate about inspiring people to accomplish their dreams personally and professionally, this inspiration and life-changing content is the foundation of my mindset coaching program. Please reach out to schedule a free consultation, explore my Group Coaching and Corporate Workshop offerings, and learn more about my philosophy and approach.

I can’t wait to meet you.

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