Speaking Engagements


Are you looking for a speaker to…

  • Lead your company sales kick-off or off-site?

  • Run a workshop to increase employee engagement?

  • Organize a research group on a specific topic, such as diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Wendy Thomas has over two decades of leadership experience in the corporate world. She knows what it takes to succeed on the front lines and drive revenue in a highly competitive environment. Unlike many coaches who advise on the side lines, Wendy has direct experience in the corporate world, having played a pivotal role in revenue generating role for three fortune 500 companies.

Wendy's ability to inspire and motivate will elevate the mindset of your audience, helping them to achieve the optimal headspace to overcome any challenge that comes their way.

Bringing forth her personal and professional experience, mindset development training, business acumen, and overall vulnerability and relatability, Wendy will encourage participants to dig deep into their goals and capacity for success, and learn the tools that will help them to finally realize the potential inside.

Ultimately, each day we are faced with the choice of letting our circumstances control our mind or letting our mind control our circumstances. Wendy will prove to your audience the value in looking past the noise and visualizing the wonderful opportunity in every circumstance.


Speaking topics include:

  • Overcoming life challenges

  • The power of persistence